Foshan Keenhai Metal Products Co., Limited

Foshan Keenhai Metal Products Co., Limited, one of main Subsidiaries of Topone Group Co., Limited , is devoting to be professional and respected solution provider of metal architectural decoration since 2012, mainly providing design,engineering,OEM fabrication of metal facade cladding,interior wall cladding, metal ceiling ,roofing system, sun louver,fence & rails for most achitectural projects.

With professional and experienced designing, engineering,fabricating team, advanced fabricating equipments, occupy large fabricating plans over 15000m2, Anually production capacity acheive 100,000 m2 of cladding panel, 300,000 m2 of metal ceiling, 50,000 m2 of others metal achitectural products. Our equipments Including CNC punching machine,CNC Cutting machines,laser cutting machines, Bending machines,rolling machines, powder painting line, etc.


It bring great confidence and capacity to provide most customized architectural production, meet most high grade and large quantity demadns for different architectural and construction projects. 


Fabricating Plants

More than 3000 m2

150 professional workers

50 sets Advance Fabricating Machines

ISO 9000 Managment Control Sytem

Strong Production Capacity 

100000 m2 cladding panels

50000 m2 celing panels

5000 m2 hollow box screens

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