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Aluminum facade curtain wall with design shape


A beautiful facade curtain wall cladding can not do without subtle design and professional techlonogy specialists. Foshan Keenhai Metal Products Co.,Ltd. obedience to quality first as purpose.

Creation comes from life, art comes from the perception of life, so more and more artists are recognizing the potential of perforated curtain wall aluminum plate and its many benefits for artistic use.The diversity of perforated patterns, curtain wall aluminum materials and the thinnest curtain wall aluminum shapes means it can be easily manipulated into any number of shapes and forms.

Perforated aluminum veneer allows light to pass through, creating a subtle and unique effect based on the specified perforation pattern, compared to solid curtain wall aluminum.Using the latest innovative manufacturing techniques and considerable design expertise, curtain wall aluminum panels can be customized to create custom perforated panels, even in the most complex patterns and colors, making it the perfect artistic material for perforated curtain wall aluminum panel art and sculpture.The following shows the aluminum group perforated aluminum veneer practical application case.

Waterproof and moistureproof: condole top is the environment with large humidity contrast in domestic environment, waterproof and moistureproof fluorocarbon aluminum veneer curtain wall is everybody is sure to choose.Guangdong ao product aluminum veneer - elegant modeling wan zhuan, rich temperament, gentle lines, small and warm details, new patterns, no clutter carved, no burden of decoration, fine about the hidden noble.Guangdong aopin aluminum veneer always represents the smart aluminum veneer planning and production skills.Guangdong ao product concentrate on the aluminum veneer creation into the day of art, that a piece of exquisite aluminum veneer planning diagram seems to be leonardo Da Vinci for you to outline, that a brush carved like from Michelangelo's hand.

High visual expansion: the fluorocarbon aluminum veneer curtain wall can generally expand the indoor area by a larger amount. The transparent fluorocarbon aluminum veneer curtain wall with special glass plays a very good role. It can be used in the environment with better daylighting contrast, and the ceiling lighting can be added to cut down the humidity.Guangdong Australia product all aluminum veneer paint using a vertical net taste different skills for all the tip of the senior villas environmental protection paint, it not only has the ultra bright degree, seepage hole sex strong, good adhesion, feel is smooth, good flowing property and good polishing, after paint film works not used high-quality features such as white, but also has low door, formaldehyde content of E0 grade standard of high environmental protection function.At the same time, guangdong Australia aluminum veneer common dust-free, baking spray paint technology, ensure paint penetration into the aluminum fiber hole, ensure the paint surface more flat, aluminum texture more clear, paint film adhesion is stronger, better environmental protection function.

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