Frame Welding

Frame Welding

Fusion welding

Fusion welding is the process of heating the workpiece interface to the melting state without adding pressure to complete the welding method.When welding, the heat source will be welding two workpiece interface rapidly heating melting, forming a pool.The molten pool moves forward with the heat source, and the two workpieces are connected into an integral whole by forming a continuous weld after cooling.

In the process of fusion welding, if the atmosphere is in direct contact with the molten pool at high temperature, the oxygen in the atmosphere will oxidize metals and various alloying elements.Nitrogen and water vapor in the atmosphere will enter the molten pool and form defects such as porosity, slag inclusion and crack in the weld during the subsequent cooling process, which will worsen the quality and performance of the weld.

In order to improve welding quality, various protection methods have been developed.For example, gas shielded arc welding is to use argon, carbon dioxide and other gases to isolate the atmosphere, in order to protect the arc welding and pool rate;For example, when steel is welded, the titanium iron powder with high oxygen affinity is added to the electrode coating for deoxidation, which can protect the beneficial elements in the electrode, such as manganese and silicon, from oxidation and enter the melting pool, and obtain high-quality welding seam after cooling.

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