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Funny Company Trip To Dufushan Forest Park


On November 10, 2018, our company organized a company trip to Dafushan Forest Park in guangzhou.

In the prosperous and bustling work life, many people hope to relax in their surroundings during the holiday.I also hope that I can gain something in the fun of playing. The foreign trade supervisor has arranged the whole course of the group building training activity for us, which really benefits us a lot. At the same time, this expansion activity is a pleasant trip to the original nature.

It was drizzling at that time, the boss led us into the Dafushan Forest Park, on the way we played a lot of interesting games, but also deepened the friendship between colleagues, came to the barbecue in the afternoon, we are happy, happy.I hope there will be more opportunities to organize group building activities in the future, to mobilize the enthusiasm of employees and stimulate their imagination.

Life is a journey, in the travel of every person, every thing and every beautiful scenery, have the potential to become a lifetime unforgettable scenery.Along the way, we can not guess what kind of scenery will be to meet, there is no sign of where the destination is, but the pace of progress but always can not stop, because time does not allow us to stay in any place, only in the process of continuous learning to choose, learn to experience, learn to appreciate.

The beautiful and colorful scenery, just like the happiness of life, can lighten the life and enrich the beautiful memory of life.And the obstacle of craggy and muddy, be like the confusion of life sadness, can let the footstep of progress heavy, but also whet one's will, accumulate experience at the same time, make the person can stride forward better next step.Travel will not end because of the beautiful scenery, gorgeous again is to go through, if you want to stay in the moment, then you will miss more and better scenery.Similarly, no matter how terrible the wind and rain, it will not continue the whole journey, adhere to the pace of progress, I believe that soon there will be a rainbow.Enjoy the scenery with the mood to take every step, the sun or wind and rain into the back of the luggage, the journey of life will be rich and wonderful!

Of course, in the life of the travel is inseparable from the travel companions and friends.A friend is a cup of hot tea that we hold in our hands while standing at the window enjoying the snowflakes falling in the winter.A friend is an umbrella that we hold in our hands in the rain of summer;A friend is a spring breeze that blows away the winter blues in our hearts when spring comes.Friends are the wine which we drink in the whispers of autumn in the harvest season.

At the end of the trip, we took a lot of photos. We liked KEENHAI family very much. Our colleagues helped each other and worked together, hoping to forge an extraordinary future for KEENHAI!

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