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Indian Buyer Visit Foshan Keenhai Factory


On December 29, 2018, it is an honor for an Indian customer Karan to visit factory and the exhibition hall of Foshan Keenhai Metal Products Co.,Ltd. The customer learned about our products from alibaba and was very interested in our products, so he contacted us for further inquiry.

Salesman Jonny and designers Lunan with Karan visited the factories and showrooms and Karan the production process of the factory produced strong interest, Karan in India told Jonny and Lunan that he has a 1900 square meters of ceiling lawyer office building project, want to purchase some ceiling products in China, so Jonny and Lunan to customer factory production are introduced in detail the process of the ceiling, process and characteristics of Karan needs is a strip ceiling also shows us some of the design.Jonny, the salesman of Keenhai, and Lunan, the designer, took a brief look at Karan's design scheme and put forward some effective Suggestions. Finally, we showed our ceiling sample to the customer and quoted the price.The customer was satisfied and took a sample with him.It also plans to place orders after the Spring Festival.

Foshan Keenhai Metal Products Co.,Ltd. Aluminum gusset ceiling has strict structure and strong water-proofing: the installation structure is wind-proof special keel clasp structure, with strong tightness, no gap, and strong water-proofing;High depth keel, strong wind resistance: high depth keel has a fixed modulus of the card teeth, metal ceiling for wind resistance next to each card tooth design has a wind card code, suitable for outdoor decoration, high security, can be suitable for outdoor devices and can be flexibly assembled and used, to provide designers with a broader concept of space.

Aluminium strip ceiling is a kind of the commonnest in metallic condole carries on the head, it is a kind of 20 centuries 90 time appear a kind of new-style home outfit condole carries on the head material, basically use the condole carries on the head project of kitchen and toilet.Because the whole project of aluminous strip ceiling USES whole metal to make, go up in service life and encircle ability, more superior at PVC material and model steel material, at present, aluminous strip ceiling has become one of indispensable materials in domestic outfit whole project.People often compare aluminium strip ceiling to be: 'the hat of hutch defend' because he has better protection function and beautification adornment effect to the kitchen and toilet!At present, aluminum buckle plate industry has been in the country's large and medium-sized cities universal popularity, and has been mature, comprehensive.

We also produce clip-in ceiling, lay on ceiling, profile square tube/round pipe/wing ceiling, hanging-piece ceiling, please check back to our products column of

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