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Kingsoft Ceiling Project by Foshan Keenhai


Foshan Keenhai Metal Products is very pleasure to win the bidding of Kingsoft software co., LTD office building project.Keenhai mainly in charge of ceiling work, partition work, facade work and many other parts. All of Keenhai employees attach great importance to any one project, kingsoft is one of the project. Among on the production period, our factory manger are very serious to every step of the ceiling, partition and facade production, from purchasing to package, there is no shirking the responsibility. Before packing, our quality inspectors are check very carefully so that the quality is reliable.

Aluminum ceiling condole with light steel keel and wood square keel two installation methods, because wood square will be influenced by temperature and moisture and deformation, (look at the real wood floor of his own house, door to wait in the humid weather in summer and winter dry weather deformation degree, everybody knew), so, after a long time, some large deformation between each wood square, some small, the end result is condole top appear uneven deformation, on the contrary, with the method of light steel keel installation, due to the ceiling above all material is metal, maximum limit reduces the deformation, thus, light steel keel installation method is the most desirable.

Stainless steel screen installation process and steps

1. Construction must be carried out according to the planning drawings, and the selected data, specifications, types and colors should conform to the planning and device requirements.

2. Survey of the construction environment is the first necessary, survey of the construction environment for the first purpose of measuring the site scale, analysis of the site conditions.

3. Record the position of the base and ceiling, the accurate interval between the top and bottom, and the position of the detailed device, etc., to customize the verified construction plan.

4. When installing the device, release the azimuth control line of the screen on the indoor ground according to the construction drawing, and lead the screen azimuth line to the side wall and the ceiling azimuth, and the device azimuth of the fasteners shall pop out when the line is played.

5. Fix the orientation of the screen according to the spring thread, and then make the screen fastener, and the device can be completed.

Kingsoft software co., LTD is an old software enterprise in China. As the business expanded, golden hill software selection in zhuhai high-tech zone tangjiawan mountain area to invest 1 billion yuan to build stone pit and software park, covers an area of 96000 square meters of headquarters plans to be completed in three to five years in a high-tech industrial park, garden, environmental protection the international first-class software, the development of the company will enter a brand-new stage.

Jinshan headquarters and software park project construction foundation, zhuhai high-tech zone is actively implementing the zhuhai municipal party committee and municipal government "win-win economic development and environmental protection, economic development and improve people's livelihood and construct three transportation, industry, city landscape, to the construction of ecological civilization, a new dc ShiFan to achieve scientific development" of the strategic decision of important measures.

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