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Metal Screen Bending Process

Aluminum veneer bending is an important process in the production and processing of aluminum veneer.Aluminum veneer bending technology is any shape of aluminum veneer will have a production process, unless the customer requirements do not bend, aluminum veneer bending is normal aluminum veneer is fine, if the arc of aluminum veneer bending, the difficulty will increase one or three times.This relates to the accuracy of the entire aluminum veneer, so it must be very fine, accurate, not half careless.Especially in the aluminum veneer, it is necessary to grasp the precision of bending dimension and do a good job in quality control when bending.

Conventional aluminum veneer bending process

1. in the process of bending, must carefully check the aluminum veneer processing drawings and requirements, determine the bending order before bending treatment.In addition, according to the size of the bending Angle, to adjust the machine tool Settings, to ensure that the product can meet customer requirements of size and quality.

2. special circumstances to carry out special treatment, such as the larger shape of aluminum plate bending molding processing, need to hold up the workpiece when bending, to prevent the bending indentation of the plate surface unilateral bearing a larger bending moment.Also, punching, carving, hollowing out aluminum veneer in bending need special attention, a careless folding edge will be broken.

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