Powder Coating

Powder Coating

Spray production efficiency is high, suitable for manual operations and industrial automation production, the application of a wide range of mainly hardware, plastic, furniture, military, shipping and other fields, is now the most common application of a coating method;Spraying operation requires environmental requirements of a million to a hundred grade clean workshop, spraying equipment has spray gun, paint room, paint room, curing furnace/drying furnace, spraying workpiece transport equipment, fog and waste water, waste gas treatment equipment.

Spray in the main problem is the lacquer mist that disperses highly and volatilize the dissolvent that come out, pollute an environment already, go against human body health, waste coating again, cause economic loss.

High flow low pressure spray is low atomized air pressure and low air jet velocity, low atomized paint running speed to improve the coating from the surface of the coating rebound.The paint rate increased from 30% ~ 40% to 65% ~ 85%.Spray the finish on the leather surface with a spray gun or a gunite machine.

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