1, the inner packaging: first according to the size of the stainless steel screen bubble packaging bag (or packaging film) cut into the appropriate size, and then the screen placed in the middle, from four to the tundish, finally in the screen frame with tape paste, this can reduce the friction in transport.Because the special structure of stainless steel screen decided to cannot be sealed in the middle of screen, such the protective effect to screen will weaken greatly.

2. Packing: make wooden packing cases according to the size of the stainless steel screen that has been packaged inside, and the ruler pairs shall be consistent.The packing cases shall be made of plates with a thickness of more than 12 mm, the four sides shall be wrapped with iron sheets, and the front and back sides of the packing cases shall be reinforced with strips.Packing box production is completed, first put two layers of bubble packing bags at the bottom of the box, and then put the screen flat in the box, and then hold the packaging film in four corners.Then cover the bag with two layers of bubble wrap.2 c m thick protective film shall be placed on the four sides when sealing the case, and then the case shall be sealed, and the wooden case shall be reinforced around the edges after sealing.

3, spray marking and inspection: stainless steel screen box, to spray rain, up, can not stack signs.Then spray the company name, consignee information and so on.Finally, the box will be lifted, check whether the stainless steel screen in the box inside the activity, if there is activity phenomenon, should open the wooden box, re-packaging.


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