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The Embodiment Of Aluminum Sheet In Curtain Wall Industry


Shan, aluminum alloy surface coloring treatment: the surface of aluminum alloy can be made by electrolytic coloring or coating to form different colors, the original aluminum alloy has changed a single silver-white appearance. Generally large area of application of aluminum, most of the building will choose the original silver-white treatment, silver more embodies the unique aluminum itself, more in line with aluminum in people's minds, more easily recognized. Although it can be treated to make the surface of aluminum has a wealth of color, but a large area of application appears to lose personality, at the same time the cost of corresponding to improve. Shan, aluminum alloy surface pattern Processing: Based on the easy processing of aluminum, aluminum can be used in the surface of the rolling method to form a variety of pattern patterns, increase aluminum decorative and surface texture. Shan, aluminum alloy pressure plate: Through the rolling, so that aluminum has become a bump change of the material, can break the flatness of aluminum, but its decorative is not very good, generally no large area used in external wall decoration. Shan, aluminum alloy perforated plate: On the aluminum plate punching treatment, forming a transparent light and light texture, which can be said to improve the smooth and bright aluminum, and even make the surface of the aluminum curtain wall to give a transparent ethereal graceful feeling. At the same time, according to the need to change the size, density and position of punching, and then through the combination of artistry to create a full rhythm of the facade effect.

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